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Allocating resources on a first come first serve basis for fair usage has provided customers with an affordable, simple-to-use platform for websites and email since the launch of the web.  However, as more business transactions happen online, customers’ requirements are becoming more sophisticated, so managing and providing resources to them is becoming more complex, however, the usage and financial model must remain simple.

With HybridCluster, you can automatically scale resources to guarantee customers performance on demand, and you can provide even more resilience by replicating data to multiple nodes in real-time. Your customers can still use a familiar control panel via our API and upload their websites as usual, but enjoy all the benefits of hosting on a public cloud.

You will benefit from
  • Upselling new features
  • Reduced support costs
  • Improved density
  • Cheaper hardware infrastructure
Your customers will benefit from
  • A familiar, simple-to-use environment
  • Native high availability
  • Consistent performance
  • Ability to rollback websites, databases and mailboxes

Case Study: Flame Networks


FlameNetworks SAS is a company that is at the pinnacle of Italian web hosting. Based in San Giorgio a Cremano (NA), FlameNetworks delivers all its services from a private data center, located in Frankfurt.

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