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To deploy HybridCluster in production,  just license two nodes and host up to 100 FlexContainers for web applications.  For more FlexContainers, just pay for each additional one as and when you require it.

Commercial Software Licenses
Software Price
Single hardware node with 100 FlexContainers * £100 / $160 per month
Additional FlexContainers £1 / $1.60 per month
Whitelabel † £30 / $50 per month

* Mail/database containers are currently free on clusters unless email or database hosting is the primary use case (eg DBaaS). Please contact us for pricing for dedicated database/email cluster use cases.  
† Whitelabel option is an additional fee per server per month, allowing removal or replacement of the HybridCluster attribution shown in connections to SSH, FTP, POP, IMAP, SMTP, HTTP error pages, control panel and default website template.

Non-commercial Software Licenses
Software Price
Single hardware node with unlimited FlexContainers * Free

* For up to 4 hardware nodes.  Non-commercial licenses may be used for any purpose where its usage is not intended for financial gain.  If you have a use case where you are unsure that it qualifies as non-commercial, please contact us.

Support is available in three levels. Click here for more information.

Support Licenses
Support Price
Community Support Free
Standard Support £50 / $80 per month
Enterprise Support £100 / $160 per month
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