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HybridCluster is here to help hosting companies and cloud providers deliver resilience and scaling in their clouds without forcing customers to rewrite their apps.

Our product HybridCluster is the first and only full-stack cloud platform specifically architected for hosting web applications and email on commodity hardware. With built in high availability, auto scaling and data vault it protects from both infrastructure and user failures, enabling you to sell high value cloud services and retain peace of mind.

What is HybridCluster?

Full stack cloud platform for web apps & email

Hybrid Cluster Overview Diagram Hybrid Cluster Overview Diagram

HybridCluster is a distributed hosting platform for hosting unmodified LAMP web applications and email on a cluster of physical or virtual machines which our software connects together into a co-operative group. HybridCluster pools direct attached storage and other local resources across hardware to make a new simpler type of cloud with replication, failover, scalability and data restore features built-in.

  • High Availability
  • Auto Scaling
  • Data Vault

Who is HybridCluster for?

Public Cloud for Shared Hosting

Provide your customers with the resources that they need, when they need them. Share in their success as their business grows.

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Private Cloud for Dedicated Hosting

Provide your customers with a natural upgrade path to buying multiple servers to benefit from high availability and scalability.

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We wanted to grow our hosting business but our old platform was vulnerable to systems failures, traffic spikes and end users deleting their own files. That's why after months of research and testing and finding other solutions either too complex or too expensive, we chose and deployed HybridCluster

Andrew Skattebo, CEO, Brick Street Data

What’s going on at HybridCluster?

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